Banking & ATM Solutions

Hitachi Payment Solutions Introduces Next-Generation ATMs with Advanced Features.

Hitachi Payment Services is a subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd, a Japanese multinational conglomerate. The company provides electronic payment solutions and services to banks, financial institutions, and merchants.

Cash Withdrawl

Customers of all banks across India can avail easy cash withdrawals

PIN Change

Perform safe transactions with pin-change facility across all our ATMs

Cash Deposit

Now you can deposit cash at Hitachi Money Spot ATM. This facility is currently available for select banks.

Balance Enquiry

Check your updated account balance at any of our ATMs

Aadhaar Enabled Payment System - AEPS Services

We are committed to promoting financial inclusion by enabling access to banking and financial services for all, even in remote areas. Empower your business with seamless transactions, leveraging the power of Aadhaar authentication. Our consultancy offers comprehensive AEPS solutions, ensuring secure, convenient, and efficient payments. Trust us to amplify your financial services through AEPS integration, paving the way for a digitally advanced future. AEPS has revolutionized digital transactions, leveraging Aadhaar authentication to facilitate financial transactions at your doorstep.